Costa Rica Treehouse – Alone 2016

Mountain-side, Ocean-view Costa Rica Lot For Sale
September 1, 2016


It may be a return alone2016to how I often viewed things when I was a child, but I am finding that my ability to use my imagination while looking at things is returning again during these later years, especially when I view a photograph. For example, in the shot to the left which was taken in July, 2016 at a favorite beach not far from our Treehouse in Costa Rica, by looking closely I can see a lady standing on a log leaning backwards and looking out to sea. I was alone on the beach, by which I mean, I was there for two hours all by myself and did not once see another human. That was partly because it was the Green (Low) Season in Costa Rica.

I was also on my own for two weeks at our Treehouse – a first for me for that amount of time. This visit was undertaken at my partner Jeanne’s insistence and for me it was a somewhat unique experience. We had already been at the Treehouse earlier in the year and travelled about Costa Rica for a couple of months over December\January. Now these two weeks would offer me lots of time to read and think heavy thoughts – like what I would like to do with the rest of my life.

The direct flight down from Toronto to Liberia, Costa Rica was on Canada day July 1 – my father had died Canada Day, a year earlier and just 30 days before what would have been his 100th birthday. Dad had never been to the Treehouse, but especially on this trip, he was along with me.

After picking up groceries in Tamarindo I arrived at our Tree home to find everything clean, in order and very welcoming. The teak stairs up had been beautifully refinished and were spectacular. The pond was full of water plants, the fountain on, and the walkway lights were working fine. It was cool, not an insect visible and a fog and cloud bank was rolling in from the nearby Pacific Ocean. Heat lightning flashed frequently and silently during the night.

The first couple of days are always an adjustment. I still am blown away by watching a butterfly such as the Blue Morpho, fluttering casually through our living room. Beautiful Dragonflies performing their rituals just outside the living room – especially near sunsets. Birds everywhere.

The book I read while there was Sapiens – a brief history of humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. Smooth jazz from a local station played frequently on the radio in the kitchen.

Our spectacular view of the ocean to the west from our living room and meditation deck was improved considerably due to the recent brushfire which took out undergrowth and a few trees. The forest is an Emerald green this time of year.

I met some new business and property owners, explored the coast, walked the beaches, lunched at Ancient People in San Juanillo, dined out at Villa Deevena, Amigos Bar and Grill, enjoyed a delicious dinner and watched the breathtaking sunset at our neighbor Ray’s house, devoured fish and chicken meals and daily healthy breakfasts at the Treehouse. The German bakery truck came by, twice.

I, with help, planted some new trees – (Ojoche) and the large green vase between the bodega doors now has a good size Coloured Pepper plant in it.
Beautiful, white crushed stone was trucked in and spread over the driveway. It took me three days to level it out, with Brainer’s (one of our property management team) welcome help on the last day.

We have had so many unbelievably good times in this beautiful unique place. One of our guests, another Paul, once commented in his written testimonial on our junglavista website of his visit “If you do not like your stay here, then the problem is with you!”

Below is a photo, taken towards the Pacific Ocean January, 2017, on the rocks off Playa Junquillal. Can you see something peering at you from the ocean spray? I sure can.


While walking the by the Humber River here in Toronto last month, we were watching the salmon swim upstream from Lake Ontario. Behind us though, we felt that it was actually we that were being watched by this tree standing at the side of the trail!