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October 9, 2016
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May 14, 2017

Treehouse Update 2017

As we head into the 2017 Green Season in Costa Rica (May 1 until Nov 1), Jeanne and I thought that this would be a good opportunity to share some useful local area information and news with you regarding our Costa Rica Treehouse.

The forests and plants are now an emerald green because of the rains returning at this beautiful season. Many visitors prefer now to visit Costa Rica as there are fewer crowds and the rates for flights and accommodations are significantly lower than in High Season.

We had a most enjoyable stay at there over Christmas and New Year including a rainy but fascinating week in January up at a lodge in the Arenal volcano area.

First, we have removed both the one-week minimum stay and the Saturday to Saturday guest stay restrictions for our Treehouse guests. This has resulted in a significantly higher visitor booking and occupancy rate this year. Keep in mind though, a week in our area goes very quickly!

Our junglavista website has been much improved and updated. This website now allows much better access and display from a multitude of communication devices such as iPhone and tablets. We have added photographs, a blog tab, a link to Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO), availability calendar, and a very convenient feature that allows our website visitors to book their stay immediately – online, by simply using their credit card.

Several recent five-star rating Treehouse guest testimonials can be viewed at We really appreciate the time taken by guests to give us feedback.

The speed of internet at the Treehouse has been upped considerably. With our larger display screen, now guests can easily view a Netflix movie which the new internet router handles very efficiently.

The main electrical distribution panel has just been updated to a newer model for more reliable service.

Last year, unfortunately a beautiful large and rare tree on the next lot towards the Pacific Ocean came down, but the big plus is that now the view towards the coast and valleys is even more spectacular. Also, we planted a few young fig trees out on the driveway island which are doing very well.

A Canadian TV film production crew was at our Treehouse this month conducting a film shoot. Jeanne and I cannot reveal who it is just yet, as we are under a non-disclosure agreement until the release date this Fall (2017).

A new restaurant just 15 minutes away has opened – it’s called the Playa Junquillal Eco Resort and is Canadian owned and operated.

A beautiful and unique house has been recently built over on the other mountain in our amazing 250 acre eco-preserve (called Pura Jungla). The year-round residents are adding finishing touches and in process of moving in. Their house is located close to our other 2-acre, ocean-view, currently for sale property on the same mountain.

We wish everyone a fun, prosperous and healthy 2017.


Paul Pidcock
Paul Pidcock
Living in Toronto, Canada with a second home (a Treehouse) near the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica which we rent out to guests while we are not there.