Costa Rica Treehouse Guest Visits, Environmental Charities
July 28, 2017
Playa Negra, Costa Rica
August 1, 2018

Two most worthwhile organizations, which both Jeanne and I help support, have special events coming up here in Toronto shortly where our Costa Rica Treehouse will be auctioned for a weeks guest visit.

One is the  Evergreen Brick Works and their event is a fundraising barbeque dinner with 10 of Ontario’s most respected chefs to be held on Saturday October 14 , 2017.

The other organization is the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation who have a dinner and auction event at the King Edward Hotel on Friday September 29th, 2017.

Simply click on their names above for all the details. Pura vida!


Paul Pidcock
Paul Pidcock
Living in Canmore, Alberta Canada with a second home (a beautiful mountainside Treehouse) near the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica which we rent out to guests while we are not there.